Robotics Competitions 2012 RoboSprint,

Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Robotics Competitions 2012 RoboSprint : Robotics Competitions one of the biggest event in pakistan. All schools & collage invited to join Robotics Competitions 2012. Last Date for Registration is 30th May, 2012. The Revision - C of the Rule Book has been published. Registration form of NATIONAL ROBOSPRINT 2012 has been uploaded main official website

Download the Form from:

Registration Follow This Link:

Submit an amount of Rs 1000/= as registration fee in the following account.

Engineering Education Trust –PG
Askari Bank, Stock Exchange Branch, Islamabad


  • Registration form (Stamped by University/College/School)
  • 2 Passport size photographs per member
  • Student Identity Card (1 copy for each member)
  • Original deposits slip of registration fee.

Complete Rulebook : Each team consists of no more than two automatic robots. The robots can pick any ONE of the corresponding “Colored Flags” from the four “Team Flag Posts” and place them on any of the two “Fort Keys”. This will automatically open the corresponding team’s “Gate” to the “Golden Temple’. Bridge connecting the Golden Temple to the team’s arena is broken and must be mended by placing a preloaded “Plank” into the missing slot. The robot can skip placing the PLANK in special circumstances entailed in Section 5 of the rule book. The robot can pick up the “Checkered Flag” and place it in the “Golden Temple’s Flag Post”. The first team that places it successfully is the winner of the match and will be named “ROBO SALADIN”. The name is inspired by the great Islamic Sultan named, Salahud din Ayubi, who conquered Jerusalem in 1187 AD. Click here for Rules Book

Prize General Category
  • Winner: 1,20,000 PKR
  • 1st Runners‐up: 60,000/=PK Rupees
  • 2nd Runners‐up: 40,000/=PK Rupees
  • Best Engineering Design: 50,000/=PK Rupees
  • Best Idea Award: 30,000 PKR/=PK Rupees
  • 4xParticipation Awards: 15,000/=PK Rupees

Category For Special Senior
  • Winner: 40,000/=PK Rupees
  • 1st Runners‐up: 30,000/=PK Rupees
  • 2nd Runners‐up: 20,000/=PK Rupees

Special Category For Junior:
  • Winner: 30,000/=PK Rupees
  • 1st Runners‐up: 20,000/=PK Rupees
  • 2nd Runners‐up: 10,000/=PK Rupees